There is a societal belief that emotions are bad or dangerous. We are here to show you otherwise. Our emotions and feelings are our key to unlocking our truth.

How to Truly Be Confident

Journey into your internal world through our series of lessons that guide you into feeling and understanding your emotions on a deeper level from the comfort of your home. Our online courses start off with a series on self empowerment, which gives you foundational tools before you begin to dissect individual emotions. Along this journey we provide monthly online community coaching, self-exploratory activities, and guided meditations.


Ready to dive deeper? Our workshops are an opportunity for us to give you more personalized and hands on guidance. We share tools that can only be provided in person to help you fully explore your internal world, including emotions that you have the most resistance to. You'll want to go there and you won't regret it! We provide 3-day, 5-day, and for the most curious we provide 10-day workshops. Come share the journey with us! Start the Feeling Game.

One on One

For the individual who fully wants to enter the maze of their own subconscious. You've done the online course, a few workshops, met the team, and you're ready to commit to enter the paradigm we call the Internal Work. You will be taught by Ferdinand Tongson one-on-one. It will be an intense and arduous journey but it will be incredibly satisfying.

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