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There's a story you tell yourself.​

But the real story is the one your self tells you.

Our emotions are guideposts pointing the way to a life that aligns with our heart. When we avoid our emotions, we shroud the guideposts in darkness - and we lose our way.

Wandering in circles, perplexed with the limits of my world, it was easy to chug along, living the same life day after day - going to the same job - having the same conversations - meeting the same people. Through it all, there was a voice urging me towards something new and different. After I had ignored the voice long enough, my body began telling me. But even with undeniable signals, I couldn't find the path that would lead me to the life I wanted.

The path was inside me all along. But I couldn't choose it - because I couldn't see it. The guideposts - my emotions - had been shrouded in darkness for so long that I had forgotten they existed.

I want to help you find your way by illuminating the emotions that you've held in darkness.

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I worked as a mechanical engineer for 15 years. Logic and a concrete perspective commanded my life. But I was struggling. I wasn't happy with my job, the romances in my life, or my health. I was driven to avoid the things I feared and never for the things I wanted. I found myself perpetually unsatisfied and unfulfilled. By embracing The Internal Work, I found my way to a new life where everything became available for me. My health improved, my romance reached levels I'd never imagined, and I set off on a new career path.

Through The Internal Work, I learned where my beliefs were holding me back. I learned what my emotions were telling me. And I finally embraced those emotions and accepted them as my truth. When I did, my life went from black and white to color. I didn't think I could feel this much. And I didn't think I could have this many options available to me.

And now, I am doing what I can to bring The Internal Work to others. I want to help others bring color into their world - and find the path that serves them.



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5 Things We Can Each Do Help Solve The Loneliness Epidemic

With Benjamin Voiles of The Internal Work  

Go inside of yourself and embrace what you feel. Whatever you feel, anger, rage, sadness, fear, horror, disgust, hate, whatever it is — it is ok to feel. Just feeling it won’t mean you actually do something bad because of it. You have agency in this world. You can feel rage and not hurt anyone. Allow yourself to feel your emotions. When you become ok with what you feel, you will become ok with what others feel as well. And you will connect to people easily. Your loneliness will quiet down. I suppressed any and all my anger for decades. I believed anger was bad. And I trained myself to not let it out uncontrolled. I had this fear inside me that if I allowed myself to get angry, I might do something terrible. So, I was bottling up my anger. Not only was this well of anger tormenting me, but I would negatively judge anyone who was angry. I was bad for my anger. And others were bad for their anger. This belief wasn’t serving me. And through acceptance of my anger, I have been able to feel my anger fully. And I did not do anything bad. I just felt it. And that anger released. Expressing anger is not unhealthy, holding it in is more


Online Courses

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How To Truly Feel Confident

My first course will be about feeling confident. A lot has been said about confidence. And there is more to say. But most importantly, this course will bring you into the emotion. You won't just learn about confidence and gain a handful of tips on how to be confident. This course will go deep into the emotion. You will FEEL it.


It will cover what confidence is, what creates and destroys our confidence, and many tools to empower your confidence.

- Coming Soon -



I am available for in person or virtual individual coaching. My goal isn't to tell you what to do or what you are doing wrong. My goal is to help you find the story you're telling yourself and find the story your self is telling you. To do this, you will have to feel. Your emotions will be your guide. All I can do is help you translate what your emotions are telling you. Together, we can find the story that your self wants you to hear. Once you know the story, you will know what decisions need to be made to create the life you want.

If you'd like to know more about my coaching or schedule a free 15 minute call to see if we're a good match, use the contact form below. 

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