Empowerment Through Emotions

At the Internal Work, we define emotions. We define them so that we know what to look for within our body, within the stories our mind creates, and the world that we manifest. An issue that we want to address is the idea that emotions are vague and abstract. The problem with keeping emotions vague means they can’t be addressed, talked about, engaged with, and strategies for healing can't be found. So we believe it is important to define emotions very simply and in an approachable manner so that we can help others get to the root of what they feel. We do not believe emotions are bad. In fact, we want to help you get comfortable in them and engage with them.

We offer courses on specific emotions that we think are useful as tools to your life and to help you go deeper into your Internal World. We also provide an array of content such as blogs, videos, and podcasts so that you can see how we perceive the emotional human experience.