Our MISSION is to empower people to thrive by providing tools and guidance to embrace their emotions. 

The Internal Work is a way of exploring the intricacies of human emotion and consciousness.  It's about focusing attention on the ways in which we all feel and understand our internal worlds and, in turn, how we move within the external world.  

By becoming more aware of how we operate, particularly how our emotions affect the way we operate, the Internal Work helps people transition to a state of seeing a wider array of choices that sits in front of them. It helps us build a stronger ability to consciously navigate our lives by developing a clear picture of the emotions and subconscious beliefs that drive us.  


We have developed a set of tools, techniques and concepts, including approaches to meditation and ways of clearly defining emotions, that support you in focusing your awareness on your internal world and opening you up to new paths.


To share these ideas with you, we offer online courses, in-person workshops and sessions, and other opportunities to learn about and connect with others who are doing this work.

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