What is The Internal Work?

The Internal Work is a paradigm for exploring our internal world to gain greater understanding of ourselves and what we want to make of our lives. We do this by embracing our emotions so we can connect our heart and mind.

The Internal Work is made up of Ferdinand Tongson, Christine Newman, and Benjamin Voiles. We each present The Internal Work uniquely, providing in-person and online coaching as well as online courses, video content, and podcasts. Together we host in-person workshops to take people deeper into their emotional world and provide tools to support them as they take charge of their life.

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Meet The Internal Work coaches. The three of us have unique backgrounds and coaching styles. In person and online workshops usually feature all three of us. Individually, we each offer one-on-one personal development and life coaching service, both on-line and in-person. We will help you get in touch with your emotions, understand them better, and learn how to make choices based on what you are feeling.


Ferdinand Tongson

Living in different parts of the world, working in different fields and careers, practicing different martial arts, meditation techniques and healing modalities, Ferdinand couldn’t fully cognize what he was searching for until he started living in the high-jungles of Peru. And what he found about himself and everyone else during that time was, and still is, profoundly simple: We're all Human wanting to be Happy. As co-founder and part of the Internal Work team, he’ll be one of your Guides in pointing to places to visit and explore internally, shedding light on what our emotions are really telling us and, in the process, demonstrating how to fully embrace our Human Experience, both as individuals and as a collective.

Christine Newman

With a pursuit in holistic medicine and keen interest in how emotions affect our overall health, Christine helped co-found the Internal Work to help others open to their journey of self-exploration and happiness. Alongside her teaching experience, she has a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and is a licensed Acupuncturist and herbalist.

Benjamin Voiles

After decades denying what he felt, trapped in a way of life that wasn’t serving him, Benjamin found the Internal Work, through which he embraced his feelings and a new perspective about life and himself. "My life changed from black and white to one of vivid color.” Through The Internal Work Benjamin hopes to help others embrace their emotions and find the same freedom and fullness of life that he has. Before joining the Internal Work, Benjamin spent 15 years as a mechanical engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Ready to dive deeper? Our workshops are an opportunity for us to give you more personalized and hands on guidance. We share tools that can only be provided in person to help you fully explore your internal world, including emotions that you have the most resistance to. You'll want to go there and you won't regret it! We provide 3-day, 5-day, and for the most curious we provide 10-day workshops. Come share the journey with us! Start the Feeling Game.

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